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But don’t let the Disneyfied feel stop you from enjoying the pretty scenery and charm­ing town. This used to be hunting territory too, described in the 1950s as ‘abounding in deer, roe, peacocks, pheasants, wild boar, black bear, panthers, tigers, gaurs and el­ephants’. Unfortunately hunters were so efficient that only taxidermied specimens remain, in the local museum. Dalat City Tour 2019

Dalat is a big draw for domestic tourists. It’s Le Petit Paris, the honeymoon capital and the City of Eternal Spring (daily tem­peratures hover between 15°C and 24°C) all rolled into one. Vietnamese visitors arrive in summer, but the dry season (December to March) is the better time to visit. The wet season takes over for the rest of the year, but even then mornings normally remain dry, allowing time for sightseeing before the downpours begin.